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Name: Moro
AIM: Oniikiiki
Other Characters Played: N/A
Character: Lynxcat: 45 or just Lynx.
Description of World: The world Lynx is from is a world in a state of war, broken dreams, and corporations that took over the world, with their military power they had over throw the world’s governments. Human kind became nothing more then test subjects and products of the corporations to be used how they see fit.
The people of the world go on with their live as best they can, and every one in someway or form work for one of the three corporations that run the world.
The on going wars are nothing more to test their products. Wars happen every five years or so, and go on for three years or so with a two year brake to calculate their loss and get ready for the next one.
In this so called pace time the people was glad this war was over, but they knew the next one will be here before they know it. And they will have to say good bye to their friends, family and love ones once again, because they know they might not see them again.
For the most part the world’s population gives in to their fate, but there are some don’t see eye to eye with the corporations and how they run the world.
There are few small factions that want to put an end to the corporations and give the people back the power over their lives. Others want to rule the world but don’t have the power do so. They just stay in the shadow and keep there ideas to their group.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t affect corporations, with their spies and blackmailing people that work for the corporations. Some factions can affect the corporations to doing their biding for them.

Personality: Lynx is kind, caring, and understanding and has some what a hero complex. He doesn’t see his self as a hero more of a tragic hero then anything. He some what a grim out look on life, taking in consideration the years of war, the people he lost over the years, and all he been through in his life, wouldn’t you?

He is willing to put his life in danger to save someone he dose not know or even know. He wares his heart on his sleeve and sometimes gets in the way of his better judgment. He reminded his self of this fact and knows he can’t save every one. But this doesn’t get in the way of trying his best to save who ever need his help.

Lynx never has much to say, he mostly likes to stay to his self, unless someone is willing to talk to him. He has a habit reading books in bars or drawing when ever the moment strike him, sometimes while drinking and smoking. There is a reason he sits alone most of the time where ever he goes He has a habit of changing his face so you won’t recognize him if you had met him the night before.

Almost everyone he ever was close to die or was murdered, this left him with a heavy heart and it was almost too much for him to bear. That is why he tries to put an end to the wars and save everyone he can. He can’t stand seeing anyone losing anyone they love or care about.

He is friendly for the most part, just sometimes he don’t want to be bother and want to be left alone. Even if he seems alone he is not, he has the thought and memories of his unit and chipper overbearing motherly AI of his sword to deal with and talk to when ever he feel lonely or when ever she feel like bugging him, mostly about his drinking and smoking.

Background: Subject 45: male/age: 16/name: Jake Jinx James

This subject had a Mental-processor already; it was tided to body and mind. The Onyx Core install another Mental-processor into this human stock brain. The subject has cybernetic circuitry all over his body. To the back of subject’s neck and along his spine there are input and output ports.

It was like the subject’s body was prepared for the Onyx Core already. We did not had to do to much work preparing the subject’s body and mind for the pod.

The subject was an out-cast in life, he did not care if he lived or died. He had an deep hatred for humanity; and did not care for human life. How he put it, ”I’m pro-death, and the less space you take up the better.” That was a quote we gotten from the subject when we did a interview with him. We know all we need to know about this subject, from the interviews we had with him and the reports from

PT: 02. It was not random we ’pick him up’ for the Onyx Core; subject had high marks in his classes even gym. On the other hand his school life was a living hell for him; he was push into lockers, pick on, and one on really cared for him other then his friend Kate, others in his group and his family.We know this from unit PT: 02 mission reports. He mostly stay to himself and to his group.

Subject’s family: The subject has a small family, mother, father (MIA after one of the Corp. wars), and younger brother. His home life was better then his school life, he would help out around the house and help his broth with home-work. Subject kept his thoughts about humanity to his self, and as well as other thoughts. His brother was four years younger then he was, and do not agree no his brothers view-point on humanity.

They get a long well enough, they sometime can be found playing video-game together. Subject cares for his brother, and would do anything to keep him safe. Subject’s mother, is a hard working woman that tries to keep her family together.

The O.C. has their reason for taken him anyway; mostly do to the changes that were made to his human body by Onyx Corp. and the deal that subject 45’s mother made. Subject 45 was in a bad car accident when he was a child; the accident left him paralyzed from the waste down, the bones of his legs was shattered, his left arm was broken in three places, trauma to his left eye, and brain damage.

A man in a black suit from Onyx Corp. told her they could fix her son body as good as new, but there will be a price to pay sometime in the future. She said yes to him, against her better judgment. She knows her son was better off letting the doctors and technicians fix his body no matter the price was.

In order to fix his body, they had to replace his damage legs, left arm, left eye, and spinal cord with new ones. They used a combination of bio-tech to grow new body parts, and cybernetics to improve the new body parts and as well his old ones. His new spinal, left arm and legs was a combination of bio-tech and cybernetics.

But his new left eye was bionic and it looked normal eye just that the eye color was green. The doctors implanted cybernetic-circuits on his skin to improve his body’s reaction time and the work with his new body parts as well his old ones. They also implanted a mental-processor in his brain to repair the damage to his brain from the car accident, and micro-chips under his skin.

They tie cybernetic circuits that they implanted all over his body, the micro-chips underneath his skin worked with the cybernetic-circuits helping to tie in new body parts into the mental-processor. The cybernetic-circuits help tie in his old body parts to the mental-processor. Some of the micro-chips was power regulators, and other relay faster signal to his brain and mental-processor.

His mine and body was now just as fast CPU. It took them six months to repair his body, and it took him one week to get a hang of his new body. He was faster, stronger, and smarter then ever before.

The man in the black suit made a comment to one of doctors “One more soldier ready for war.” Subject: 45’s mother over heard what the man said, in her words “I do not want any of my sons to be a tool for war!” The man in black chuckles at her reply then walk over to her look her in eyes all she can see when she looked back is his dark sun-glass and his red eyes. “You made a deal with me, we held our end.

And you should keep your end of the deal if you know what is good for your family.” The man in the black suit said to her caring not who heard him, then left the room after he made his statement to her. This was all on the video-disk. Subject: 45 also in the room and heard every thing.

He just looked at his mother and hugs her gently “its okay mom, I’m not going any where for along time.” he said still hugging her she just nods and hugs her son back sobbing. She knows there was nothing she can do about it, and she did made that deal with the man in the black suit. The video end, with them hugging each other not saying a word to one another, there was not much to say they both know one day he will be taken away.

Subject: 45 try to live a normal life despite his new body and the way he looked. The other kids at his school stay away from him except for one. She was the only friend he had, and they always seen talking and playing together. She was a lot like him in way her right hand was bionic and she had some cybernetic-circuits running up her arm to the back of her neck to her brain also she had a mental-processor.

The other kids and teachers call them ‘the cyber twins’ the both of them just ignore the others kids and their teachers. We know this because he was under surveillance at all times by Onyx Corp. they want to keep tack of their investment. There is more about subject 45, but I will do more detail report about this subject down the line.
[Note: This was taken from my book.]

[More bout is background] His life in the O.C. was one of testing, training and preparation for war. When war time came along he was more then ready for what ever came his way. One of the ways they get the units ready for war is to send them on missions, anywhere from peace keeping missions to search and destroy missions.

There were only five Lynx-C.A.T soldiers (Covert Assassination Technician, Lynx) made. All came from humans and modify humans stock. Life for him was not all training and missions; he did have some down time. In his free time he worked out, read, made art, and made friends with some of the other units of the O.C.

He was not like the other L.C. soldiers. The on going joke was that when you see one Lynx-C.A.T soldier you seen them all. This was due to the fact that the L.C. unit has the power to link their minds with each other to share
information with each other and is the same in every way except L.C. 45.

Over time the L.C. soldiers became more and more alike except L.C. 45 which seems to have his own mind and personality then the others of his unit. L.C. 45 notice them acting and looking the same also more withdrawn away from the other units of the O.C. they will only interact with them if it had to do with a mission anything else L.C. soldiers seem to be in another world, due to the fact their mind was always linked most of the time.

L.C. 45 did not want any part of this, did link minds with the others of his unit now and then to shear information with them. There are other factors and reasons why the L.C. soldiers are this way. They had to put aside their personality, friendships with the other units and staff of the O.C., and their self awareness as a person in order for the mission at hand.

Some may say they give their very body, mind, and soul over to the Onyx Core and give into their fate. Except for L.C. 45, he was the glue the held them all together. It gotten to a point that none of them of them made a move with out him and only listen to him. When he was not attending to the others of his unit, he was seen with PT: 02 doing versus of things together mostly just talking.

There was reason why they spend so much time together, mostly the blood seals that was placed on him by her to keep his darker nature at bay and as well his hell fire form in check.

She was the only one he will listen to if or when the blood seal brakes. She had some control over him when he is in his hell fire form and she was the only one he will listen to when he is in the state. Their relationship was one of a master and pet some what like that, he was the pet and she was his mistress so to speak.

The other units had jokes. “PT: 02, Where is your pet Lynx at?” She would replied to them “Why he is standing right behind you.” And there he was, leaving them afraid for their lives. This was due to the nickname he was give by the other units and lived up to it.

His nickname was Bloody 45 or Bloody Lynx. Every time they send him and his unit out on missions he always comes back with blood on his uniform, hands and face. He revels in the kill and loves dismember his enemies with his bear hands.

Over time PT: 02 notice his darker nature and blood lust. That is why she put the blood seals on him and other spells on him. Even with the blood seal on him, it dose not stop him from killing or enjoying the act of killing.

It went on like that for years; they go on missions and go to war making Onyx Corp. number one in the world. He started to want more in his life, what he wanted most of all is his freedom from the O.C.

He was getting tired of the killing, the wars, and losing people that he care about like his unit and some of the other units. He didn’t have to wait to long for his freedom; there were plans in the works for the down fall of the Onyx Core.

There was unit uprising in the Onyx Core lead by Lynxcat: 45; he had it with O.C. and Corp. wars and he was not the only one. By his side was Prototype units except PT: 03, which was leaning the rogue White Suits that someone reprogram the newer models of White Suits they will only follow his orders.

The rogue white suits were killing anything that moved under orders of their new leader PT: 03. He had it with the Onyx Core as well and wanted to make everyone pay for treating him like a dog.

[Continuing on with his background.]
The fighting went on for three days and nights, with losses on both sides. One being PT: 02, she died in L.C: 45’s arms. She whisper something to him before she died, he just listen to her dying words and nodded. Her lifeless body turned into energy and that same energy went in side of him.

She became apart of him and now they was one. By this happening he became one haft of a god, his cybernetic-circuits glowed with a new power, he was change in a big way he was more powerful then ever before. Electronic wings sprouted form on his back and he was over flowing with power none like he ever felt before. With his new power he put an end to the fighting and the white suit rampage.

Before destroy underground complex of the Onyx Core, he went to the office of the man in black. He was the head of the Onyx Core. No one know his really name, he was given his handle because he always ware black from head to toe, even his hands was cover with black gloves. Clean gloves hide dirty hands, and his hands were far from clean.

The reason why Lynx C.A.T: 45 went to his office, he had few questions for the man in black before he put an end to his rain. After the Q&A they had exchange few words and then they were in a fight to the death. Which the man in black was more then happy to oblige the winged cybernetic haft god feline; the battle rage on what seem like hours, even with his new powers they was evenly matched.

This in rage Lynx to no end, no matter what he did the man in black was ready for anything he thrown at him. Another thing that pissed him off the man in black was fighting in a suit and tie, was like if he was just toying with the feline and not taking this seriously. The whole time the man in black had grin on his face, the feline wanted to know what was so funny he would soon get his answer. “You are” is all the man in black replied.

The Lynx did not take too kindly to his remark. Then voice whisper to him “You’re going this all wrong way, if you can’t defeat the man on your own then use the machine” the voice was referring to his cybernetic he was not taking advantage of and all but forgotten he had.

[Hang in there almost to the end.]

He then repels the man in black. Then looked deep with in his self for a moment and turned up his cybernetic to max them out in line with his haft god’s power. His wings become cybernetic ones, his eyes and cybernetic-circuits glowed with new vigor, and he was in control of all this power.

He was now one with everything old and new. And then when he spoke it was like if he was talking with two or more voices at the same time. One being his voice the other was PT: 02. He only said one line “To old ones and new, tell the devil I have one more to send his way” The man in black didn’t know what to make of the winged cybernetic god before him.

Lynx seemed to be full god now, he had bridge the gap between haft god and full god some how. Where did you get all this power? The man in black asked him, Lynx would only reply “From the ones you thought was weak”
Lynx did not give him that long to think it over; he wanted to put an end to this.

In flash of light he dismembered the man in black leaving him no more a head and torso. You would think he would bleed to death quickly or die of shock. The fact of the matter he was keeping the man in black alive with his new powers.

With his bear hands put end of the rain of the man in black, by taking the head of the Onyx Core. The fight and all that happen that day was all recorded was sent to home office of Onyx Corp. He was covered in the blood of his fallen foe there was even slight grin on his face.

Using his powers he made sure no one was left in the complex, once he did that. With a mighty roar over his fallen enemy, then with a blinding flash of light that distorted the complex only leaving a deep smoking crater;
He flew out of the deep pit basting in full moon light.

He looks at the moon; he can already feel his new power fading away. He rake his claws in the air over the moon once, even if miles away from it, the energy he release from them left the moon with deep claw marks across the surface. That night Lynx claimed the moon for his self and for all the fallen soldiers of the Onyx Core.

Also on that night the legend of Lynx was born, due to the survivors of the complex witnessing his power and might.
He walked away not saying a word to none of the survivors, before he left he crafted his sword and reformed his guns using the last bit of his god’s power poring some of his energy into them and left with them.

He walked for miles and when he was far enough away he sat down to unwind and think about all that happen. The sun was rising and as in the morning light his cybernetic-circuits shined, his cybernetic wings fell away, and his eyes went back to normal and didn’t show that same vigor that it did.

For his god’s power all but faded away, other then the energy that he pored into his sword and guns.
Out of the blue a voice said something, “If you quite done, I’m ready to go!” Lynx looked around and it came from the sword he had crafted. “Just what I need another voice to deal with.” He replied

[Sure I can go on and on, but I think you got enough info on his past and everything else, I hope you had fun reading apart of his story.]
Time Line/info:.

Five years after fall of Onyx Core the military power of Onyx Corp. Lynx found his self still being hunted by Onyx Corp. and the other corporations, there was a bounty on his head and was on the world most wanted list.

He was hiding in plane sight, even if he did not look human anymore. Most of the world population was change in some way, due to the corporations’ handy work. He would often change his face if he was going some where he had not been before.

He travels the world trying to put an end to the corporations and their war. He became some what of an unwilling legend where ever he went (other then the legend of what he did to the moon and distortion of Onyx Core underground complex).

There were even songs written about him and became a symbol of hope. Along with the underground stories written about him and the people he saved it just made the legend of the man grow more.

He often would sit alone in bars drinking and smoking reading listening to people talk about him he just smiles to his self. They did not know the legend they was talking about was only few feet away from them. He always leaves a 45 cent tip, over time some of the bartenders pick up on this, but they did not speak a word if it.

They just smiles and nod there head. This was odd to say the least, paper-money and coins were no longer in uses. Then poof he was gone and was just another face in the crowd.
Abilities/Additional Notes:

With his cybernetic-circuits he can build up electricity and discharge it. His cybernetic-circuits also have other fusions; keeping him warm in the coldest of nights and climates.

Also he can control electricity (to a point) and things that run on electricity as well.

Mental-processor. A Core Central Processing Unit made of, and to utilize nano-technology to aid in the regenerative properties of the body in fixing tissue within the

cerebral Cortex that the body itself can not normally fix as well as implementing dosages and strength of adrenalin and instant decision analysis and execution i.e, fixes brain damage, increases strength, bodily movement speed and reaction time.

He can use his Mental-processor in other ways, to interact with computers or technology, hacking into them to do his bidding and take them over. His mind can work like a computer and think as fast as one or faster.

He can change his form at will other words “Shape-shifter”, he gain this ability from PT: 02. When he was still in the pod, she input her DNA into the pod she gave
him just enough to give him control over his genetic makeup.

Also let him regenerate damage cells in his body. He dose not get sick that easy, and he stop aging at 25, like if time stood still for him. He can make his self appear older or younger.

He is one haft of a god thanks to unit PT: 02, when she died in his arms she willed her powers to him along with some other abilities. She was the one that put a blood seal on him. The blood seal keeps his darker nature at bay, and keeps his hell fire form in check.

Note: He can break the blood seal if his life was in grave danger or to protect the ones he cares about. If this should ever happen; his darker nature will take over, and don’t think for a moment he won’t kill you just for the fun of it, even if you are his friend or ally.

You just have to remind him of that fact, and pray that he is not too much over taken by his rage at that moment. Side note: The only one that could control him when he is like this was PT: 02 and she is deceased.

When his rage subsides the blood seal goes back in place. With an evil grin the beast awakens from its deep sleep.
Abilities he gained from PT: 02 upon her death: power to move objects with his mind, read minds (which he don’t use that often), know what others are feeling, and few others that I’m not going into detail about.

Weapons: Twin 45s, shape changing sword that has its own AI, claws and fangs, shield generators that can repeal energy base attacks and some other high speed attacks.

Sample Journal Post: [The device clicks on to darkness the only thing that can be seen is the cherry on the cigarette, vague outline of Lynx and a glow that was in somewhat shape of an arm that was quickly covered up. Lynx was just sitting down and smoking. After awhile he flicks the cig and the device clicks off it was recording over the entire network.]

Sample RP: Lynx awakes to the sound of ADA barking at him squeezing his left arm hard where she inhabit. She was going on bout his gear and tools was gone and that someone tried to remove her from his arm.

Lynx just sighs, rubbing his eyes gently. ADA’s actions to his arm almost went unnoticed. This was due to the fact he turned almost all feeling to that arm and barely felt any pain. He slowly looks around and notices he was in a bed and was in a hospital room.

ADA was right bout his gear and tools. Then he notices a large box by his bed side it bared his mark. “ADA, relax. You know if my gear and tools was ever removed from my person it will reform into a lock-box that only I can open and that you can’t since or see them in that form.” He said, and then hops out of the bed and stands on the lock-box said a chant.

With a flash of light his gear appeared on him. He stretched yawing slightly, he made sure all his gear and tools was accounted and it was.

By this time ADA eased up her grip on his arm knowing everything was in place. After awhile she released his arm and reformed into a sword. She indicated to Lynx she was ready to go. He only nodded and looked around the room for a moment scanned the room with his bionic eye in few modes.

“Hum, let’s go.” His scanning of the room turned up nothing, just a lightly furnish room nothing out of the ornery. He notice a window to the left of him, outside of the window was a tall tree. He decided to go out that way instead of using the door that was few feet away.

He went for the window jumping out of it aiming for the tree. Lynx grip his claws into the tree swing around landing on the top branch near the base of the trunk. ADA chimed in saying ten points, Lynx rolled his eyes this was nothing for feline to do and his acrobatic abilities and such. Lynx sat down and lit up a smoke and scanning the horizon of this new land became to inhabit….

A 3rd person RP sample. :
He walks alone in a place he never been to before, he dose not know where he is. He looks around and sees nothing more then a waste land, the sky is over-cast. He scans the area with his bionic eye. “Hum, no sign of live.” He said to his self.

There was a chill in the air, He put up his collar on his trench-coat and turn up his cybernetic-circuits. He was wearing his long gray trench-coat that looked like it been in a few battles, there was bullet holes and it was worn and tarred. He let out a gentle sigh, and then lightly claw at his chin in thought.

After awhile, he pulled out one of his 45s, making sure if it was loaded just in case. “Well, I do not know where I am, or how I came here. I suppose I make the most of it.” He said sighing again. He put his gun away, and then sat down on the sandy ground. Lynx pick up a handful of sand letting run threw in fingers.

He was thinking about his life, what he had seen, and all he had been through while he was playing with the sand. After awhile, he dusts his hands clean of sand. This place seems to bring him some sense of peace and it was not that often this level of calm came to him maybe it was the fact he was alone and there was no one around.

Also his inner beast was in a state of clam too. He pulls out his pack of smokes and lit one up by making a spark between his fingers to light his cig; he then took a long drag on his cig , then a moment later exhaled the smoke from his lungs slowly, he seem to be lost in thought.

His thoughts were of his unit and the other units of the Onyx Core. After awhile of thinking about the past he took the last drag on his cig, then when he exhaled the smoke, he outs it on a near by rock. He stands up brushing of the sand off his trench-coat and pants and then continues on his journey.

[And all done with this last post. You see that was not so bad.]
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A loud shrieking can be heard over the network, guess who is back to annoy and trying to get every ones attention. The one and only ADA., she needs no introduction.

“I hope that got your attention, It’s me ADA and did yah miss me?”

Her voice still sounded slightly robotic, but over all it was female voice. Lynx was sighing in the background saying to his self ‘No good will come of this’
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Hey guys, waking up furry is nothing new for me, but.... Orange?
[Guess who woke up in someone else's body.]
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Has any one seen that Jade girl around? I meat to ask this sooner.
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Hey, Mithos meet me at the bar at 3 o’clock. I have every thing set up.

Hi This is Lynx, and this is a message to everyone in the city, I will be hosting open mic. night at my bar every Thursday night 8 pm to until closing. starting this Thursday. So stop on by and show case your talent. The bar is located: [x,y]

[[ooc: There will be logs to follow this post.]]
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Hi everyone, Lynx here. I’m having a memorial at my place for Daxer on Friday at 8:30 pm. There will be food and drinks, if you feel like bring something that’s fine too.

[He pauses for a moment.]

I just want to do something for him, someone who brought so much joy to so many of us.
[He finishes sounding broken up, he’s still not over his friend’s death.]
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[The feed clicks on to Lynx in front a rack of dodge balls. with his arms folded. He was dress in a green track suit.]

The name of the game is dodge ball. I was able to round up few more balls despite few of you destroying them and taking them with you.

With that said, you will be paired off into teams versus each other. Class participation is mandatory, no if and or buts.

[The clicks off moments after he said his statement.]
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[Accidental Video]

[The feed clicks on to Lynx in the middle of his cybernetic arm maintenance. His cybernetic arm was black with glowing blue circuitry. there was four panels open. "Hmmm.. My arm reaction time been little slow lately..."

Lynx said, then moved his fingers one by one follow by him extent them and turning them to points. "ADA run a diagnostic." Lynx asked ADA. "Right away LC" ADA said.

For once Lynx wasn't wearing his trademark trench coat, he was wearing form fitting tank top and pants. Lynx look over to his 3STP device and notice it was on, "Shit!" The feed ends moments after that.]
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Not one reply, I feel some type of way.
I don't like being ignored..

LC dose that to me keeping me on mute or on beeps...

And his smoking and drinking his driving me nuts....

[You can hear Lynx sighing in the background.]

Well, it could be worse...

Sorry LC, it had to be said.
[ADA would of say more, but she did want Lynx to hold more against her.]

Now for the rest of you...
You lucky I wasn't given the freedom to bother you.

On to the newcomers...
Make you're self known and stop hiding.

You know who you are....

[ADA said, sounding less robotic and more like person. By her tone you can tell she was pissed off.]
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Hmmm, it been a while...

All this time I have nothing to say really.

I heard there are some new faces to the city, would like to know who you are?

[Once again ADA was given free-rain to broadcast over the network]
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I really need a drinking buddy.... Thought, I'm used to drinking alone.

Just thought it would be nice to have a drink with someone other then ADA and the drones.

[Lynx has some down time, and wanted to share his thoughts with people on the network.]
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Got the smokes, check.
Got the drinks, check.
Almost got caught, check.

[Lynx was running of a check list for things he has. After going back to his bar to get few thing. Lynx was going to have his drink one way or another.]

It looks like I have every thing I need. Time to crack this bottle and have good time. Anyone is free to join me I will be on the roof of the hospital.
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[Lynx panned the camera left to right show his bar was full of statues. Some
with there back turn away from him others looking at him. He was getting an uneasy feeling.]

Can some one tell me why my bar is full of statues?... I'm getting a bad feeling...

[The video feed ended moments after his statement.]
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Ho hum, ADA here….

Sorry everyone, I and LC had been away training in the wilds.
It seems we have missed a lot while we were away.
LC just had moment of restlessness and just need to get away from the city.

[ADA's voice still sounded slightly robotic, but she was getting better sounding human.]
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If only,

I had a body of my own; I would show you all what I’m capable of.

No question I’m a force be recon with.

But a last,
I am shell what I once was. (Some what)

It is not all that bad.
At lest I have a more then capable user to wield me…

He likes blood as much as I do.

To be stain with the blood of our enemies

Give me such ecstasy beyond words can describe…

We are perfect match for each-other

Other then his smoking and drinking I can do with out.

You could only guess why I’m telling you this.

You only need to ask, if you dare…

[OOC: ADA is ranting again, letting every one know how she feels. Lynx gave her free-rain to say what ever she wants. Something been bother her, and it's not fair for Lynx to be the only one to hear about it. Xp]
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Hello everyone, ADA here.

For those of you that don’t know me and the ones that do

I’m more then a pest or bother to the network.

Much more then that…

For those who think someone with out a body can do no harm.

Words can be just at deadly as blade to a throat.

I play the role I’m best at…

It is all waiting game you see, and time is on my side.

I will lie and wait for my time to come and just have to see what happens shall we.

Take some time and think it over on what I said. And then get back to me.

This have been ADA nothing more needed to be said.
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Humm, this is interesting to say the least.
lcat_no45: (ADA)
Hi every one, ADA here. Once again I was given free-rain to bug all of you.

I hear there are some new faces to the city, would like to know who you all are.

[She said, sounding like alway have been, a bit robotic with female over tones to her voice. But there was something else in her voice. That sounded like she was up to something.]


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